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New Hire at Metalloy

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Please help us welcome Nancy Karel to the tooling industry!

Nancy is working as the new Inside Sales Person for Metalloy.

We are glad to have her and look forward to introducing her to our customers.

4 Fun Facts about Nancy:

  1. Pastry Chef
  2. Loves Standup Comedy
  3. Enjoys Traveling with Her Husband and two kids
  4. Loves Fishing

Metalloy Visits the Foodbank

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Last week the Metalloy Team was lucky enough to visit the Northern Illinois Foodbank in Geneva, IL.

We were given an excellent tour by Gina Gramarosso who showed the team the inner workings and major efforts of the distribution center.

The foodbank is host to excellent volunteer opportunities which the Metalloy team will be fortunate enough to take part in. To see some of the latest volunteer opportunities, click here.